Can I condense and save a group of emails from the same person?

  Trenny 10:21 14 May 2014

I have a lot of emails from a contact. I always include her message in my reply, but she replies from her ipad and never includes my message in her reply, although I have asked her to. Is there any way I could condense these, apart from putting them into a separate folder. I doubt it, but one of you brilliant people may have an idea!?

  northumbria61 20:43 03 Jun 2014

I don't know if there is anything here that would help you but may be worth reading to give you some idea. This refers to Outlook.

Saving Multiple Emails

  Trenny 16:51 28 Jun 2014

Sounds brilliant! Hopefully it will work with Outlook Express. Many thanks. Apologies for late reply - I have ony just found your message.

Later- I am not sure that it works with outlook express. Will report back!

  Forum Editor 19:12 28 Jun 2014

Otherwise, you could just create a filter that automatically sends your friend's emails into a separate folder.

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