can I block windows 10 updates?

  conrail 12:50 02 Dec 2017

can I block windows 10 updates? received latest update yesterday, when laptop restarted it gave me 3 options: click here administrator; which I could get a desktop but nothing else, when clicking on Start nothing happened 2) my account; but it would not accept my password, and 3) Bluetooth Security Tag; in which nothing happened when clicking on that. I have hidden my name because not sure what the protocol is on here, tried all different password without success then tried one I haven't used for years, had it on a program used with 8,1, but uninstalled , didn't run on 10, this worked and let me in, unable to reset wifi adapter in device manager, then managed to find an option to roll back to earlier version of 10 and now up and running, just as I was thinking, new laptop, so back to original question, can I block windows 10 updates or not? all help and advice appreciated


  Salamander7 00:46 03 Dec 2017

I can understand the OPs frustration. Windows updates are a constant source of hassle. Microsoft just seem unable to release them without some glitch or other and then seem to expect the the user to suss out work arounds. I am fed up with the whole issue.

  conrail 09:24 03 Dec 2017

thanks rickf & Salamander7, one of the many problems caused was that I could not access the internet even when I could get the desktop as administrator, there was no wifi at all, as stated I agree updates are important but I would like to google what can happen before installing, 2 days ago I switched laptop on to be told updates were being installed, this took 4 hours then it would not accept my password, so no warning about the installation

  Forum Editor 12:02 03 Dec 2017


rickf is right - it's generally not a good idea to refuse Windows updates.

It can be irritating when something goes wrong, but it's unfair to say that "Microsoft just seem unable to release them without some glitch or other" when the vast majority of Windows updates create no problems.

It's a complex business, writing patches and updates that will run on hundreds of millions of computers, with thousands of different peripherals and software configurations.

  Salamander7 21:58 04 Dec 2017

I accept it must be a complex business writing patches for millions of computers. I just dont recall this level of hassle with other versions of Windows. I have a desktop and a laptop machine both running Win 10. Whenever updates appear one or the other experiences problems. I'm just tired of it.

  Forum Editor 22:41 04 Dec 2017

Likewise - I have Windows 10 running on six machines in my office, plus my wife's laptop at home, and none of them have exhibited a single problem with any of the Windows 10 updates.

Just lucky, I suppose.

  wee eddie 23:52 04 Dec 2017

FE ~ There are some people in this world who are incapable of leaving anything alone, they fiddle and adjust, then they are surprised when something goes astray

  conrail 09:51 05 Dec 2017

thanks for all your help, advice and suggestions, it appears I have opened a can of worms, the main problem with updates going wrong it with the majority of people, switching on and off is their full sum of knowledge, I have some idea and can usually sort out a problem but I know people who ring me up for help, I am lucky, I have a brilliant team to turn to, you guys, I just get annoyed having to spend hours on a problem like this one, I think the thing that sorted my problem was saying to my laptop, "one more go then I'm replacing you", once again many thanks to you all and have a wonderful, tech hassle free Christmas

  Forum Editor 09:53 06 Dec 2017

"I think the thing that sorted my problem was saying to my laptop, "one more go then I'm replacing you"

Well said, I imagine that resonates with a lot of people.

Best wishes for Christmas from us to you, too.

  rickf 10:43 06 Dec 2017

Just to reassure you, I have one desktop and three laptops all on wins 10 and have never had any problems downloading or installing updates. Some updates can take a long time and can be frustrating but if you ju st let it do it's work it'll do it fine.

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