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can I block windows 10 updates?

  conrail 12:50 02 Dec 2017

can I block windows 10 updates? received latest update yesterday, when laptop restarted it gave me 3 options: click here administrator; which I could get a desktop but nothing else, when clicking on Start nothing happened 2) my account; but it would not accept my password, and 3) Bluetooth Security Tag; in which nothing happened when clicking on that. I have hidden my name because not sure what the protocol is on here, tried all different password without success then tried one I haven't used for years, had it on a program used with 8,1, but uninstalled , didn't run on 10, this worked and let me in, unable to reset wifi adapter in device manager, then managed to find an option to roll back to earlier version of 10 and now up and running, just as I was thinking, new laptop, so back to original question, can I block windows 10 updates or not? all help and advice appreciated


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:15 02 Dec 2017

From good old tech advisor click here

  conrail 13:20 02 Dec 2017

thank you good old tech advisor, you have been very helpful, I appreciate it

  Govan1x 13:49 02 Dec 2017

You could go into services and disable Windows Update and stop it from running. Not sure if it restarts itself on the latest version of windows or not.

  conrail 14:38 02 Dec 2017

thanks Govan1x, but forgive ignorance, what do you mean by 'services'?

  Govan1x 15:24 02 Dec 2017

Just click on the start button and type. Services then click on services. When it opens scroll down to near the bottom till you get to windows updates.

Double click on Windows update and you should get a dropdown box , Just click on disable. Apply. Then click on stop running.

Another way of getting to services would be to go to control panel. Administrative tools.Double click on services to open it. Then find Windows Update.

You can go back at any time and enable it again if you so wish. You might even find that your computer runs a bit quicker when it is disabled.

I would enable it again once a month to see if any new updates then disable it again.

  wee eddie 15:36 02 Dec 2017

I have read this thread with interest.

In my opinion it is inadvisable to block Windows Updates unless one is willing to spend sufficient amount of time to view each and every Update in order to understand how/whether it will effect your PC, before you install/ignore it..

Not installing any Updates will put your PC at more risk than installing all, and having to sort the occasional glitch.

  alanrwood 15:41 02 Dec 2017

I'm with Wee eddie on this.

  conrail 15:46 02 Dec 2017

thanks Govan1x, but services not found and why I tried Administrative tools, it tells me Administrative cant be found, I see your point Wee Eddy but to spend all day yesterday, including half of last night then this morning just because ms can't get something right is quite annoying, I am happy to receive updates as I realise they are important but want control over installing them, not just getting a message saying I am getting an update then finding it has messed up pc, thanks both for your help

  conrail 19:56 02 Dec 2017

thank you rdave13, and all others who have helped and advise me, I appreciate your time and advice

  rickf 20:41 02 Dec 2017

It's a very bad idea not to allow updates.

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