Can anyone give advice on a secure digital diary?

  Guest 1234512693 13:15 15 May 2018

I'm not too good with tech and don't know a lot about how secure apps are. I've been looking for a way to keep on top of a busy life and thought a digital journal would be a good idea. I know that nothing is private on the internet which is why i need to know how secure a 'diary app' would be if i downloaded it. Can anyone offer advice on the most secure way to keep a digital diary?

  Pine Man 16:47 15 May 2018

If you google 'secure digital diary' you'll get lots of hits and some pretty good stuff.

You don't actually say what it is for or who, if anyone, would have access to it but there is very little on the internet that is truly secure.....probably safer to have a written version in a book in a drawer;-)

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