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Cahoot online Bank and Google Chrome

  IanS1 14:53 11 Oct 2016

Has anyone else had the following problem -

  • I have had an online bank account with Cahoot for 15 years. I have never had any problem logging in to my Cahoot account, until the last three months. When suddenly, attempts to login are now met with a failed login message (ie there is no access to the account). I have spoken to Cahoot about this, and when I try to login whilst their advisor is on the phone, then the login always suddenly works! But the last time I had this problem, last Monday 10th Oct.2016, the advisor told me that it might be an incompatibility problem between the Google Chrome browser that I'm using and Cahoot's security program that controls their login page (and his suggestion was to use a different browser).

After hearing that from the Cahoot advisor, I'm suspicious that in fact Cahoot (and maybe other online banks) have been experiencing compatibility issues between their security login programs and certain browsers like Chrome. So I tried a simple Google check and quickly found the article linked below -

click here my questions are -

  1. Have you heard of anyone else having this problem?
  2. Does it seem from that article that the problem may be with Cahoot's outdated security measures, rather than any deficiency with Chrome?
  3. I suppose I can try to use a different browser, but that's a bit of a nuisance because the reason I switched to Chrome 2 years back, was because I found various problems occurring with Internet Explorer.

It's quite an important issue for me, because it means that at present I am shut out of my online bank accounts. I am using Windows 10 by the way (in case that is part of the problem).

Any comments or ideas all gratefully received.


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