Buy Windows 7

  oldnovice 14:41 02 Dec 2009

best place to purchase windows 7 retail not upgrade
when i say best place i mean best price not ebay


  rdave13 18:22 02 Dec 2009

Novatech looks a very reasonable price; click here

  oldnovice 09:19 04 Dec 2009

good price looks like well known company


  Graham. 22:47 04 Dec 2009

It's gone up at Novatech. It was £82.98, now £89.99.

I've ordered from Ebuyer click here £69.74, free delivery option available.

  rdave13 22:56 04 Dec 2009

With respect it's an OEM version on your link.
Agree the price has gone up in the Novatech original link I supplied but still the best offer for retail at the moment.
Twenty squids difference, give or take, between OEM and retail and I know where I'd spend my money.

  rdave13 23:00 04 Dec 2009

Should add it's only 64 bit. No two disks for options.
Poor value I think.

  rdave13 23:10 04 Dec 2009

If I were you I'd cancel the order with Ebyer and think again.
Just my humble opinion that the price difference between OEM and retail does not warrant buying a OEM version.

  Graham. 00:05 05 Dec 2009

More info, please. What's the difference between OEM and Retail?

  Graham. 00:17 05 Dec 2009

Ebuyer order cancelled. I will look at Novatech when I've had a catnap. The cats started without me.

  rdave13 13:06 05 Dec 2009

OEM version dies with the machine you install it on. Retail you can use again so long as only installed on one machine at a time. The retail version comes with two discs. 32 and 64 bit.

  Graham. 17:26 05 Dec 2009

I've ordered from Novatech, thanks. Due on Tuesday, when I shall enter the mysterious world of Dual Boot click here, link from another thread.

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