busted audio and impossible to scan for curroption and errors, windows 8.1

  EliseoImperial 02:48 07 May 2015

hi there i have the following problems my audio is busted, it doesn't reproduce any sounds and i can't acces pc settings and when i try it simply closes, tried going to computer managment and i don't know why it sends me to internet explorer to a blank page and ask me permission to execute some program all of this happened after i runned the yac (yet another cleaner) junk file delete, huge mistake now i don't know what o do because all the solutions i look for focus in an especific problem but it seems that they are related in a way that each one seems to "protect" the causant of the other problems at the same time at least i think they do my anti malware and virous software don't seem to detect anything so i think maybe yac removed an essential file has someone suffered from this before and has the solution? and t needs to be noted that everything else runs fine and also it seems to block any kind of new scan like the windows error scan

  hastelloy 07:47 07 May 2015

Have you tried a system restore?

  robin_x 07:53 07 May 2015

Run System Restore to a time before the infection (press Win+R and type rstrui.exe )

Restart in Safe Mode with Networking

Run Malwarebytes Chameleon Full Scan by double clicking any of the exe files in the zipped folder.

(they are all really Malwarebytes with dummy names)


When computer is fixed (and for any other computers you have). install Unchecky

Also visit mywot.com for each browser you use.

This helps you spot dodgy downloads in the first place.

You can also Google or ask here if not sure.

  EliseoImperial 18:01 07 May 2015

should i try restoration in safe mode? because when i try it normally it says that Volume Shadow encountered an unexpected error

  robin_x 20:39 07 May 2015

If you go into the Advanced Boot Options, you can select System Restore from there.

Maybe in the Troubleshooting screen. or one after that

  EliseoImperial 22:12 09 May 2015

thanks a lot, i couldn't figure it out earlier cause people kept saying boot options from acces in froms my pc just didn't accept. thanks

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