Built in SATA Drive as regular drive.

  GauravAher 10:25 16 Sep 2014


My Laptop Model is amsung Chronos 7 (NP700Z5C-S03UK). It has in built 8 GB SanDisk SATA drive which was used with my 1 TB HDD in Intel SRT. Last week I replaced my 1 TB HDD With Samsung EVO 840 250GB SSD. Now main drive is SSD, so I have no idea what should I do with that 8GB SSD.

Can you please Advice a best use for that SSD. ? Can I just add a drive letter to it and use it as another Hard Drive for storing data ?

Thanks. Gaurav Aher

  alanrwood 15:29 16 Sep 2014

Probably not. It was initially there as a fast cache drive to speed up your spinner drive access and it required software drivers to activate it as such. If I were you I would just leave it as it is if you just cloned your original drive to the SSD. 8GB is not really worth worrying about.

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