BSODs with different codes and sudden restarts; no obvious trigger

  rossputin 22:55 14 Nov 2014

Hello all, For several months, I've been getting BSODs or just sudden computer reboots.

They can happen at any time, whether or not I'm using the computer. Often the computer has BSOD or restart immediately upon starting windows, sometimes just at the sign-on/password screen but sometimes before. It can take 5 or 10 tries to get Windows running. Then sometimes it will run for a minute or 10 minutes...or for a whole day or two.

Most common BSOD code is 7f but also get 3D, 50, 01, and have had others.

Frequently but not always, I briefly get thin horizontal lines, mostly black, white, and blue which cover the monitor screens of both monitors connected to the motherboard's video but never on the monitors connected to the added video card.

I have done a reinstallation of Windows from the OEM disk and installed needed programs for my work and other things. Made sure I have current drivers from motherboard (MSI) web site and done Windows updates. I have removed the only card (a video card to expand from 2 monitors to 4 monitors.) I have run the extended version of Windows memory test and it found no faults.

After removing the video card, the system worked well for 36 hours and I thought that was the problem but then today the problem started again...sudden reboot, then multiple reboots when trying to load Windows or just after signing in.

A few days ago I booted in to BIOS and left it overnight and it did not automatically reboot. Made me think it could be Windows-related (or hardware related but only triggered by Windows), but then as I said it was stable for 36 hours from Wednesday morning to Thursday night before failing again on Friday morning. I might try leaving it on the BIOS screen again and see if it reboots.

I would be grateful for any help. I'm not an expert on this stuff but my current suspicions are motherboard or power supply. I am well outside of any warranty period.

Because of my work, having a computer that crashes at random times poses substantial risk for me so any help to figure this out would be most appreciated!

  rdave13 23:14 14 Nov 2014

First suspect for me would be the PSU.

  Devil Fish 22:49 16 Nov 2014

wouldn't rule out ram as you have problem with integrated chip but not the dedicated card

integrated chip will use some of your systems ram were as a decent dedicated card will use the cards ram

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