bring back the fish!

  mehtdosa11 19:13 26 Oct 2009

after using both the beta and RC versions i have installed the w7 home premium 64 bit version on my dell precision m6300 laptop.
i am still very pleased with it generally but rather disappointed to have lost the fish for my desktop picture.
is it available on higher versions or shall i start a campaign to get it re-instated? i had grown rather fond of it...

  mfletch 19:19 26 Oct 2009

Never mind is there anything here

click here

  mehtdosa11 19:46 26 Oct 2009

hi thanks for your suggestion i've aleady looked..

  mehtdosa11 19:53 26 Oct 2009

ha ha! i've done the fish back.
still had the rc running on my desktop. opened the picture using microsoft office picture manager from the desktop background section. saved it as a jpg to my pictures.
transferred it across via homegroup to my laptop's pictures then selected it as a desktop background.

must be going mad..all this for a fish..

  Zeppelyn 20:22 26 Oct 2009

Cripes! I hated that darn fish, first thing i got rid of.

  audeal 21:09 26 Oct 2009

I prefere Tower Bridge. Pitty they didn't take the picture when the tide was in. I think it would have looked even better.

Stonehenge is nice to.

  Proclaimer 22:13 26 Oct 2009

Siamese fighting fish, 'Betta splendens' loved that one from MS!

  morddwyd 07:55 27 Oct 2009

I had the vineyard on the rc.

Couldn't find it on the retail so I'm stuck with Bala!

I agree about the fish, dreadful thing!

  rawprawn 09:42 27 Oct 2009
  rawprawn 09:44 27 Oct 2009

Too late was the cry, but not ticked resolved.

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