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Brand new Lenovo 2 in 1 Touchpad problems

  Tycho 21:05 01 Sep 2018

I have been busily investigating the wonders of Windows 10 but have come across (caused?) a problem with the touch pad.

In Settings ---> Devices ---> Touchpad I unchecked "Leave touchpad on when mouse is connected", thinking that this would disable the touchpad when I was using a mouse. I was wrong. It has disabled the touhpad under all circumstances and changing the tick status on the above does nothing to help.

There was no mouse connected when I did that but the touchpad was immediately disabled and I can't get is to work again. What can I do about it?

  wee eddie 22:02 01 Sep 2018

What kind of Mouse is it. Bluetooth?

  Tycho 22:14 01 Sep 2018

Logitech wireless. I only plugged it in when I found that the touchpad wouldn't work.


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