Bought a "1050Ti". Got a Fake.Can I fix this?

  JJAmara2910 14:50 09 Feb 2019

I bought this graphics card and I know for a fact that it is not the 1050Ti that I was promised. However, due to my lack of free time I've exceeded the return date. All I want to know is whether there is anything to do with it since I'm petty and want to get my money's worth for it. I've read about flashing the Bios but I have no clue. I just want to know if there are ways to fix a fake graphics card even if it means I don't get as good of a performance as initially promised. Thanks guys :)

  JJAmara2910 14:52 09 Feb 2019

click here images linked that might help you


  john bunyan 15:41 09 Feb 2019

As you are new to the forum I did not click on the link.. If in the UK you should return it to the seller for a full refund on the basis that " The Goods were not as described" . You could hint that you may go to the small claims court if they refuse

  wee eddie 15:50 09 Feb 2019

That looks like your man on eBay

  wee eddie 16:08 09 Feb 2019

It is the absolute base line card produced in house, by NVidia, and costs about £50. Everybody else's tarted-up ones cost around £150

  Old Deuteronomy 16:43 09 Feb 2019


On what evidence have you decided that the card is fake?

  Flat Earther 17:01 09 Feb 2019

I think the last Nvidia cards with a D-sub VGA output were the 700 series.

  wee eddie 17:37 09 Feb 2019

It is currently available on eBay. Read my earlier comments

  Flat Earther 18:14 09 Feb 2019

Note the spelling mistakes/typos on the box,

"Hardware Instation... maKe sure... proper installation if the graphic card"

Ebay is full of these cheap knock off cards.

  JJAmara2910 19:18 09 Feb 2019

I found the drivers given are recognised as out of date to my computer. However when I go on to NVIDIA's website to download official drivers it doesn't recognise the graphics card and doesn't recognise any valid drivers. Additionally, the card itself fails to run games that use above 1GB memory and doesn't seem to apply drivers when they are installed.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:14 09 Feb 2019

Well, as it clearly is fake, raise the issue with eBay. They will expect you to try to sort it out with the seller. If that doesn't work you will still be able to get your money back as eBay tend to favour the buyer in disputes these days.

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