BOOT problem - selective startup

  PetraEithne 23:04 27 Dec 2016

Please help me, I'm desperate! I followed some steps and it seems I reuined my normal booting. I did this steps: -I entered the run windows -> MSCONFIG -left click on the BOOT tab -unchecked the box next to "safe mode" --left click on GENERAL tab -from the features I got there I went to SELECTIVE STARTUP -unchecked the features to clear the selections -left click on the SERVICES - disable all -left click on STARTUP tab and disabled each item in the list -reboot the windows

AND I GOT STUCK... it doesn't boot normally, it appears only the background image and some features below like: languages, connections. PLEASE help me to go back to normal boot... if a still can :(

  Jollyjohn 08:58 28 Dec 2016

Tap F8 as PC starts and see if you can get an option to do a system restore.

Is this a laptop or desktop and which version of Windows are you using?

  PetraEithne 11:35 28 Dec 2016

I am using Windows 10.

This appears when I start the computer:

With a left Click on the last icon I get sleep/shut down/restart which get me to the same position

And if I press F8 and then F12 I can enter the "one-time boot menu" but I don't know what can I do there... here's the image:

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:20 28 Dec 2016

What do you get under change boot mode settings?

  PetraEithne 13:44 28 Dec 2016

Under Change boot mode settings I get this:

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:20 28 Dec 2016

power on and off after 3 seconds repeat three times on forth attempt see if it will boot to advance tools menu.

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