Boot issues for windows 10 drive

  Gar0421 12:28 04 Apr 2018

So I have seagate drive with windows 10 fully loaded on it and it works in my other pc but once I transfer it over to my main pc it won’t fully boot. Where is the problem?

  Aitchbee 13:47 04 Apr 2018

Most likely it's because Windows 10 is only licensed to one PC and therefore it's transferabilty to another computer is remote, if nigh impossible.

  Gar0421 14:13 04 Apr 2018

If it was that I’d at least get a message, rn it just doesn’t load

  beeuuem~2 14:57 04 Apr 2018

What do you mean by 'fully boot'?

Unless the PC you are taking the drive from is completely identical to the one you are trying to move it to the differences in motherboard, devices et al, could prevent Windows booting properly. It will be trying to load drivers for devices that aren't on the second PC, and the drivers it does need are not on the HDD.

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