Bluetooth (optical) receiver->USB recording device

  Marek Kyselý 08:36 10 Feb 2018

Please help me find a device that can receive audio (like from phone) over Bluetooth. I want to connect such device to PC's USB port. Device should act as recording device in Windows 10. I want such device to be connected to USB port on PC. I would prefer a solution where audio stays in digital format all the way.

Eventually if no such exists, is there a device that will do the same just receiving part is optical input (TosLink)?

Did a bit googling and found only devices for opposite direction...

  beeuuem~2 17:36 11 Feb 2018

You need something like click here

  beeuuem~2 17:38 11 Feb 2018

My apologies - posted to wrong thread.

  john bunyan 18:46 11 Feb 2018

I recently bought a Bluetooth dongle for my desktop for abut £3 ! My thought was to send photos from my I phone. It worked ok but I found a better solution via a Photo transfer App using wi fi . If you have sound software , such as (free) Audacity, I see no reason why such a USB dongle , together with Audacity, would not work .


I think it worked better with a USB 2 , not 3. Better ones via Google for Bluetooth dongles.

  Marek Kyselý 20:39 15 Feb 2018

thanks, but I do not want to use any software to record, I just want check the "listen to device" option in windows (like for microphone so you can hear what your mic is capturing). All this is to supplement missing optical audio input(s) on my NUC device. The thing is that NUC is my primary device, but occasionally I want to transfer TV or phone audio to it.

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