bluetooth keyboard connects, but not working

  Anders Svarrer 16:04 02 Dec 2016

Hi This problem is weird.. I bought a bluetooth keyboard and a dongle, and if I use the dongle and the keyboard on a laptop it works. ( and it is the dongle that is in use be course if I disconnect the dongle the keyboard stops working!! ) IF I connect it to my desktop, where I want to use the keyboard, the connection screen ask me to type a code, ( which is 100% normal), when I do that, and press enter and the keyboard is then added to devices and printers, in other words it is connected and everything looks fine...until I try to use the keyboard, then it is dead. Nothing works, but it is still connected according to Windows. I have tried to: delete bluetooth drivers and install new. I have tried to copy the drivers from the laptop to the desktop ( with no luck) I have searched for new drivers on the net, but didn't find any that worked. I have contacted support that send me a new keyboard free of charge, so now I have two that don't work :))... on my laptop, but not on my desktop. what to do?

any brilliant ideas?...

  ? ? 09:51 27 Dec 2016

What Causes Windows 10 Anniversary Bluetooth Not Working ---you can click to check the details

A couple of things could result in luetooth not working or Bluetooth not available after Windows 10 anniversary update:

Issues caused by the Bluetooth device itself

Program or software you’ve installed that causes conflicts

Incorrect operations you’ve performed

Disabled Bluetooth Support service

Outdated or incompatible Bluetooth drivers

Other unknown causes

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