Blue screen loop and cant go into safe mode

  Omaresieed 19:12 09 Apr 2017

Hello, I have an HP pavilion laptop,a new brother was surfing the web on it untill all of a sudden the laptop restarts itself and just before the user account screen pops up,the blue screen pops up and the laptop restarts again and again,its killing me. I googled everything to solve this but couldnt find any mainly because i cant get into safe mode, i tryed f1 to f12 and nothin,tried doing that with shift and cntrl and got nothing. Would appreciate the help,i really need my data on it.

Thank you in advance

  Omaresieed 19:16 09 Apr 2017

Btw its a windows 7

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:45 09 Apr 2017

You could take out the hard drive and connect to another PC to get your data or

boot from a linux USb / DVD and get your data that way.

both options are safest before messing to get windows back if you need the data and haven't backed it up like 54% of the British population.

Once your data is secure - if you cannot get into the recovery options then download a win 7 iso and boot from that to make the repairs.

what is the blue screen error code?

  Omaresieed 19:55 09 Apr 2017

The screen goes off really question tho,is there a way to get into safe mode when theres no key for it and windows doesnt start? I really wish i could solve this without wiping anything

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:02 09 Apr 2017

Yes boot from a windows iso as stated above.

  Omaresieed 22:04 09 Apr 2017

Could anyone post instructions on how to do that or maybe a link?

  Jollyjohn 22:04 09 Apr 2017

Do as Fruit Bat suggests, boot from a Linux live cd and copy your data to an external hard drive. Then reboot with a W7 dvd and repair the W7 installation. It may repair without affecting your data but it is better to have saved your data to an external drive.

  [DELETED] 23:32 09 Apr 2017

Win 7 iso ,note you will need the key that's usually on a sticker on the machine somewhere.

Puzzled that a new pavilion isn't running Windows 10?

  Burn-it 00:20 10 Apr 2017

Try pressing F8 repeatedly as it is starting. That should get you to a screen that allows you to turn off automatic restart.

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