Blue screen if death !! Amongst other things....

  shanklyn 19:50 04 Jun 2009

Hi, All of a sudden my Vista home premium laptop is getting the dreaded blue screen of death.

I have not downloaded or installed something dodgy (im pretty sure). I have various messages from Driver IRQL not less or equal. Also I have had messages saying graphics driver issues, I have tried to update my radeon express 1250 drivers but it is saying they are up to date.

Any ideas, I do have the system restore discs but have no idea what and how to use them.

Any ideas ?, many thanks.

  FatboySlim71 22:45 04 Jun 2009

Could be a update from Windows Update that may be causing it. It might be an idea to try and restore your laptop to a date that you know your laptop wasn't suffering from the problem using the system restore. Click on the start button at the bottom left of the screen and type in system restore where it says start search.

Have you actually been on Radeon's website and checked to see if there is newer software available for your particular graphics card?

  sharpamat 08:35 07 Jun 2009

to obtain more responce I suggest you put make and Model of your laptop. someone may then be able to advise how to get into safe mode which may resolve the problem, system restore ect.

I would use your restore discs as a last result these normally return to factory settings so you will lose any data or programs or updates you have installed. normally to use these you boot with the disc in the drive.

If you can get into safe mode check your update settings, many people set these to download and install which may be the cause of your problem I always use avdise which gives me the option to download and install.

  sunnystaines 11:51 07 Jun 2009

try delete the drivers and reinstall letting windows find the driver.

  Ethan1982 15:24 06 Aug 2009

Resetting you RAM might do the job as sometimes a faulty RAM might cause the Screen of Deth.

If you have more than one RAM, try removing one of them and turn on lappy. After turning it off, insert another.

This worked for my older one.

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