Blue screen of death and more...

  Newbie98 19:48 09 Jan 2018

Hello guys. I am experiencing some problems with my computer recently. I have this blue screen popping up which restarts my computer. Today I had this blue screen again and it stayed for about 20 seconds untill I restarted the computer. I took a photo: click here I restarted the computer it asked me if I wanted to start it normally or repair it. I chose repair and then the computer froze. I restarted again and since then the computer didn't display anything on the monitor. Like it doesn't even start. I pressed the power button for 5 seconds, then pressed it again to boot the computer. Everything went normally but the monitor doesnt display anything. I bought this monitor today. I thought it's from the monitor and I plugged back the old one but the same happenned with it. I plugged the new one again and I removed all the other cables connected to the PC, but the power cable and the cable that connects the PC with with the monitor. The computer miraculously started again. Can someone explain me why this happened and how can I repair this thing with the blue screen?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:22 09 Jan 2018

Are you still getting the Blue screen?

What operating system 7 8 10?

some info here click here If 8 or 10 can you can to the repair menu and do a startup repair?

  Newbie98 00:06 10 Jan 2018

click here you go. Some information about my PC.

href There

  Newbie98 00:15 10 Jan 2018

I dont know what happened with my last reply. I will try again to send you the links with photos of my PC information. click here ; click here ; click here

  rdave13 11:05 10 Jan 2018


Have you recently had Windows updates? If you can somehow boot up try uninstalling KB4056892 if you have it. See this article, click here.

  Newbie98 11:47 10 Jan 2018

I don't have this update from Windows Update. Yesterday I made some updates with windows update. Also I scanned my PC with Malwarebytes. I updated some AMD drivers and I hope I don't face a blue screen anymore.

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