Blue screen of death help.

  Fecial 18:37 27 Dec 2013

I have recently built a computer, It's all been working fine up to the last few days were almost everytime I run an application a BSOD has been occuring. Which type? Well A lot are different so it's almost a endless sea of problems, I've tried updating all my drivers and my windows is up to date, What else can be the cause to the problem? And are there any 'quick fixes'.

Thankyou, Fecial.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:08 28 Dec 2013

Following on from Jock1e's post, download and run BlueScreenView and the program should list all your BSODs in the top pane. Double-click on the most recent one to view the details in a separate window then copy and paste the following info here for us to look at:

Bug Check String

Caused by Driver

Do the same for at least two other recent ones.

Also tell us whether your problem still occurs in Safe Mode or not.

Unfortuantely, Event Viewer won't tell you anything useful other than a BSoD took place. However, viewing the Windows mini-dump files using a tool like BlueScreenView should help a great deal in diagnosing your problem.

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  woodchip 21:42 30 Dec 2013

Could be a faulty Memory Module, if you have more than one stick of memory, try with just one at a time

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