Blue screen of death

  jonathan3141 18:01 09 Oct 2011

I've finally managed to install Windows 7 Service pack 1 (64 bit) after some initial failed instals.

Since then I've been getting occasional crashes to the blue screen, it's happening consistently when running two different programs - Rise of Flight (which is pretty demanding) and Prime 95 (a program which deliberately stress tests the computer). Both will run for a reasonable amount of time before crashing.

I've tried a few things - Checked the disc for errors using the windows utility. Checked RAM for errors (software check, rather than opening up and fiddling with them). Core temp is running up to 70 degrees.

I'm running an i5 2500k - overclocked, but built by Cougar and has water cooling etc. Graphics is AMD Radeon HD 6950. And 8GB of RAM.

All Windows updates are installed, but I'm not sure how to check all driver updates are installed - have manually checked that the graphics card is.

The computer is under warranty and I haven't spoken to Cougar yet, so that is an obvious route. But wondered if others have any suggestions. I really don't want to go down the reinstall Windows route if it can be avoided...

thanks for any help

  northumbria61 22:46 09 Oct 2011

First try this - Click on: Start - In Search Box type CMD - Right click on Command Prompt - Click on: Run as Administrator:

Note: Black screen with the command prompt appears.

type: sfc/scannow then press: Enter

Will take a while - after finished it will restart the machine automatically and all should be fine again.

  jonathan3141 22:32 10 Oct 2011

Thanks. Done that - the good news is that it didnt find any problems, but I suppose that also means it hasn't fixed any either!!

  northumbria61 22:51 10 Oct 2011

If it didn't find any problems then there must not have been any to fix. It could be a driver issue - check in Device Manager to see if there are any yellow exclamation marks against anything in the list. You could also run in safe mode - this loads just the basic drivers. If you encounter BSOD in safe mode it is most likely a driver fault.

  I am Spartacus 22:55 11 Oct 2011

Does it still do it if you put the CPU back to stock settings?

Bluescreenview can be helpful in tracking down problem drivers.

  jonathan3141 10:49 15 Oct 2011


Bluescreen shows 4 failures, but different driver errors on 3 of the 4 occasions. So I'm guessing this points to hardware rather than software.

I've just tried Memtest and that ran properly for a long time, but in the end reported memory failures. The system was running with core temps at up to 70 degrees, I've no idea whether this is within normal operating temps or too hot.

How do I wind back the overclocking on the CPU?

  I am Spartacus 00:03 16 Oct 2011

If you're getting memory errors then get the RAM replaced (hopefully under warranty).

70ºC CPU temp is within specification and shouldn't cause problems.

  jonathan3141 16:03 16 Oct 2011

I think I've isolated it to one stick of RAM - will do some more testing, but taking one out and swapping them around, one seems to be ok on the Memtest, the other is failing.

Glad the temp at 70 is ok, and it is running slightly cooler now as I've taken off the scarily thick layer of dust that was building up around the fan.

Many thanks for your help, I'll tick as resolved as hopefully it is!

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