Blue screen 0x000000116

  Maro0o0 08:56 02 Mar 2012

Hello i have been having this issue for about 4 months here it is when i boot my cpu after the windows start loading a blue screen appears with error 0x0000116 so when i restart the computer it starts normally and sometimes that blue screen doesnt show up but the resolution becomes 800x600 so when i go to manager from my computer and go to display adaptor i find an error ''the device has stopped working due to code43'' so i restart then i opens normally with my recommanded resolution then 1 week ago when i restart from the blue screen the computer offers me to choose 2 options 1_ i am not sured what was it called excatly but here it is ''launch windows repair or setup''when i choose it a setup appears with saying attempting repairs then a messege comes up offering me to restore computer to an earlier time where the computer worked normally i click yes but it tells me it was not succecful and the second option is to start windows normally now when i start my computer and blue screen shows up it a new error ''0x000000124'' so i restart then the error ''0x00000116'' then restart then acts normal!! I am Windows 7 ultimate Proceccor:2.00GHZ Display Driver:Nvidia 9400GT i used over clock before but now it is disabled. hope i find answers thnx

  KRONOS the First 09:47 02 Mar 2012

I think you will find that your graphics card is failing.

  johndrew 09:50 02 Mar 2012

Have a look at this. But also consider your graphics driver especially if you updated recently. You should also look in Device Manager for any warning indicators.

  Maro0o0 12:03 02 Mar 2012

Well after restarting i dont find any warning indicators in device manager

  Zeppelyn 14:02 04 Mar 2012

Start up repair will not fix this issue which is definitely related to your graphics card. First download the latest drivers but uninstall all existing graphics software and drivers before you install.

As Chronus says it sounds like the graphics card is failing, either that or maybe its not getting enough power. Personally I would open up the case and remove the card and give its fan a good clean, may as well clean others while your at it.

  Maro0o0 17:52 04 Mar 2012

Thank u very ush i will try this on thursday as i am studying these days but as u said its defenitly the graphic card but is there a guide to tell me where is the graphic card my Mother bord Written on it Multimedia pro thats all i know. i need a video or somthing to show me how to remove it !!

  KRONOS the First 18:19 04 Mar 2012

It is very easy to find as your monitor is plugged into it. So if unsure unplug the power cable and remove the side panel of your PC and then find the cable that goes from your monitor to the back of your PC that will be where you will find the graphics card. Remove that cable.The graphics card will be held in place by a screw remove the screw. Some slots in which the cards sit have small catches to lock the card in place, you will find this at the back of the slot furthest from the back of the pc. Just gently pull the catch towards the side while pulling the card up and it should pop out very easily.

You do not say what you will be replacing the graphics card with, so it might be necessary to remove the drivers which you will find in add and remove under Nvidia drivers.

  Maro0o0 06:03 05 Mar 2012

Thank U Very mush for response i will try it immedietly.

  Maro0o0 08:11 05 Mar 2012

Well i did as u told me but too bad i didnt have that spray thing i saw it at youtube on how to clean graphic card but i use my vacum :D and the computer doesnt make that noisy sound when booting but i noticed that on my graphic card and its fan written Gigabyte while i have been using nvidia driver bec when i installed windows 7 it automaticly downloaded nvidia driver so i thought its the right one so if some one can give me a link to download the suitable graphic driver.thnx

  Maro0o0 08:25 05 Mar 2012

i found by graphic card box and i saw written on it Nvida 9400GT so i am downloading the driver from Gigabyte hope that stops the blue screen error .

  KRONOS the First 08:33 05 Mar 2012

Gigabyte is just the maker of your particular card but it is still a Nvidia graphics card.Although Windows 7 will install drivers for graphics etc, it is always best to get the most up to date drivers from,in your case, Nvidia.

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