Blank Screen

  HondaMan 10:05 30 Jul 2013

When starting my lap-top, Acer 8935 running Win7 Ultimate 4GB I have NO screen output. Sound is OK and from the noises it makes, it sounds as though everything is working but I am not sure as I see nothing.

Starting in Safe Mode, I can see on the screen that the drivers etc load, then the thing reboots into the Win7 splash screen, after it completes loading - nothing shows on screen. Gentle prodding of various key elicit the fact that SOMETHING is happening, but there is no visual display.

It seems to me that the windows graphics driver may be at fault, but without seeing anything on scrteen how can I 1) be sure that is the case 2) reinstall


  ZachSmiith 10:32 30 Jul 2013

This seems as it could be one of two things; 1 - The graphics driver could be at fault as you stated. 2 - The Windows installation could be corrupted.

I would suggest running a Linux Live CD to try and back up any data that is recoverable.

Format the HDD and re-install Windows as fresh.

  HondaMan 12:19 30 Jul 2013

Thanks guys.

The more I deal with computers the more I think one tends to forget.

Having reinstalled Windows on my second HDD in that laptop I suddenly remembered this How to fix black screen of death

Worked a treat.

Thanks for your suggestions in any event, I am sure that someone else will find them useful

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