Black screen just before desktop appears.

  indego 16:13 04 Sep 2013

Afternoon all, My desktop is a HP Pavilion with Win7 Home. The pc boots up ok and after about 1 minute the Welcome page appears. After about another 30 sec's of the Welcome page the screen goes black. Nothing showing at all except the mouse pointer in the centre of the screen. The disk indicator light on the front of the pc is going mad. The screen is black for about 2 min's. then the desktop appears with all the icons. There is a further period of about 3 min's before I can get on line. What I have done is: Virus scan using Avast Scanned with SAS, Run CC Scanned with Spybot S&D Scaned with Malwarebytes anti malware All the above are feebies. System Restore. I didn't have much luck there because I got the message System restore failed while restoring the registry from the restore point. The restore point was damaged or deleted duribg the restore. In Safe Mode I tried Repair My Computer. No Luck. Using Task Manager and followed onscreen instructions resulting in looking online for an update to a driver. The result was that the most update driver was installed. I can't help but feel there is a hardware issue here. Any help will be much appreciated.

  johndrew 10:09 05 Sep 2013

You mention downloading a driver but fail to identify what the driver was for.

Another possibility is that you have a lot of software loading at start up.

Does the PC function correctly when it is up and running?

When you shut down the PC do you use the 'Shut Down' button or shut down from 'Sleep' by turning the PC power off? If the latter you will get the symptoms you describe as not only does the PC need to boot but it needs to load back to the point you turned it off.

  nickf 16:49 05 Sep 2013

Try opening your PC and giving it a damn good clean . Air dusters are easy to get hold of , use with a vacuum cleaner to avoid filling room with dust . If updating drivers , I personally use the free app Slim Driver , I have found this to be an excellent tool. As a rule , I always advise : Start with the simple stuff , rather than diving in all guns blazing doing system restores etc .

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