Black Screen after windows logo and loading wheel

  amenz42 23:50 17 Nov 2015

OS: Windows 10
Problem: No Visual output beyond MoBo brandname/windows loading

I'm suspecting my Graphics Card has burnt out. It's a Radeon HD XFX 6870

A few days ago my screen started flickering/displaying one third of the screen on the wrong side. After a restart to try and fix this, the same happened but descended into a total black screen (no pointer) but the monitor knew it was receiving a signal. Another restart and the same happened but faster. I tried resetting my PC but unsuccessfully as the process didn't seem to be able to finish, or I needed to input something but couldn't see, so just rebooted.

I'm writing this from safe mode which i can get into after a few boots when windows gives me the blue repair options screen. If safe mode uses on board graphics and just channels it through the graphics card, then my theory would make more sense.

This happened a day after some fairly high graphical demand surface plotting in a program called MatLab (the first time I had ever done this on this PC)

Anyone got a diagnosis? I want to be sure what the problem is before I replace the card. I'm suspecting my Graphics Card has burnt out. It's a Radeon HD XFX 6870

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