Black screen.

  WestinMcRoberts 03:45 18 Aug 2014

I have been looking through thread after thread and have yet to find a solution for my problem from other posts.

Running Windows 7 with MSI motherboard.

Here's what's happening:

I boot my computer, everything seems to be going fine, I get past my MSI splash screens. Then I get through the Windows logo doing it spin thing.then after that, all I get is a black screen, only thing visible is my cursor.

I have tried unplugging the power and pulled the battery for the CMOS and set everything back to the default settings which didn't work (same result, black screen with cursor.)

I also cannot seem to access my BIOS setting, when I boot up it doesn't show me a hotkey for it anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I need this computer for my online college courses.

Thanks in advance!

  WestinMcRoberts 03:57 18 Aug 2014

Also, I think that it may have something to do with a Shell32.dll that was changed involuntarily if this could be the issue, I have no idea how to fix it. I do not have a Windows 7 disk either, it came pre-installed on my pc.

  wee eddie 04:24 18 Aug 2014

Have you tried booting in Safe Mode?

  WestinMcRoberts 10:53 18 Aug 2014

Yes, safe mode does the same thing. All I get is black screen.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:27 18 Aug 2014

Do a start up repair if it says it can't find any problems do it again up to at least five times.

  WestinMcRoberts 21:12 18 Aug 2014

How is a start up repair started? Is that one th same screen as" start in safe mode" and "start Windows normally"?

  WestinMcRoberts 21:16 18 Aug 2014

I do not get any response when I press f8 key on boot up and I do not have a Windows 7 disk. Is there another way or maybe a different key besides f8?

  alanrwood 09:33 19 Aug 2014

How come you don't have a Windows disk. The supplier should have supplied one on purchase or there should be a recovery partition on the hard drive. Get back to the supplier and ask for the recovery information. If they don't help then you probably have a hacked version so report them to Microsoft.

  daxian 10:31 19 Aug 2014

hi ... black screen is usually a graphics problem ... if you can get the safe mode options try the vga option ,if this works then reset your resolution to monitor default setting and reboot . f8 (safe mode options) should also give the repair startup option .

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