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  Kieren Durrant 13:43 24 May 2018

I have resently updated my desktop (not sure what type of update pretty sure windows update), once the update was completed it showed the error msg ("C:windows\system32\config\systemprofile\Desktop is unavailable. If the location is on this PC, make sure the device or drive is connected or the disk is inserted. And then try again. The options i would select are - US keyboard - use another operating system - windows 10 Then i would sign in a my desk top would load with the black screen and error msg. No idea how to fix need help asap.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:03 24 May 2018

reboot - power off after 5 seconds

repaet three time o 4 th attempt let windows complete the boot sequence it will go to the repair option menu from thee do a start up repair if it says nothing to repair then repeat the repair a couple of times.

If that doesn't work you will then have to do the reset the PC option to go back to before the update was installed.

  Salamander7 15:41 24 May 2018

I got same problem with my daughters laptop following a Windows upgrade. In my case none of the repair options work so the only option to restore some sort of functionality is by using the screen offering the various repair/rollback/startup problem solving/there is the option to go back to an earlier version of Windows. This boots up to the point where password is entered and then goes to a the dreaded circle of dots. After about 3 minutes I press CTRL, ALT,DEL which takes you to the the task manager you can then go to the New Process tab and type in explorer.exe and tick the box "with Administrator Privileges. I then have a limited version of the desktop restored but no internet because the Wifi is disabled for some reason. By the way, dont let the Circle go on too long because it will take you to the black screen but if you dont give it enough time when you do restore the desk top it will keep disapperaing. About three or four minutes is ok. When you have the limited desktop you can at least save important files to USB. The next job will be to reinstall windows because after fruitless hours spent trying to solve this problem I have concluded this will be the only way to get Windows working properly. One or two extra observations: I find I can get on the internet and our home network by plugging in an ethernet cable though I can only get on the net via the HP printer home page because the Edge icon does not work. Every time you boot up you have to go through this process. When I get round to reinstalling Windows I will post again but I hope what I have descibed helps anyone who has the same issue as me and if Fruitbat's advice does not work.

Microsoft must know they have caused widespread chaos with this update. Why cant they publish a fix?

  Salamander7 10:57 25 May 2018

In the end I reinstalled Windows after backing up important files. Everything is ok now but I still have a strong sense of resentment that I had to go through all of this due to something Microsoft are responsible for but dont seem inclined either to 'admit to or publish a fix.

  christinebelle 02:38 30 May 2018

You can fix the black screen on Windows 10 with this article: click here

  David-Dd 09:21 30 May 2018

I have heard a few more complaints about update 1803 in recent days. It is the reason for black window error on your computer. There are two ways to fix this error. I am telling you the simple ways which will save you from formatting your computer. Because that will clear your important data and it is also very hectic. Here is the solution

Uninstall the update from your computer Open the settings option Click on the Update and Security option Next Choose the Windows Update Now Choose the update history option A new window will open Choose the Uninstall Updates option from the top Select the 1803 update from the list of updates Click Yes to uninstall Reboot your PC You can also read this article here

Another Method Restore your computer to a previous time

This method can solve your problem as well. However, it will only work when you have already created a system restore point on your Windows 10 computer. Here is what to do

Click on the start button Go to control panel Go to Security and Restore Click on the - Create a Restore Point Now Click on Properties Go to System Protection Tab and click on System Restore Choose the earliest restore point where system was Ok Click next Confirm your restore point and finish

After the restoration you will be prompted to restart the PC. Choose for this option. When you will restart the PC, the problem should be solved.

If you need technical help then you can visit this site also.

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