Bizarre screen behaviour on Vista laptop

  Golgamesh 14:57 04 Sep 2014

My wife can no longer use her Vista laptop, because of weird behaviour on the screen. It is difficult to explain, but here goes:

Suddenly ALL the windows she has opened display, one on top of the other and at an angle. The windows rapidly cycle. It is impossible to stop. Sometimes with some pretty mad clicking the cycling pauses and on occasion one gets a window stabilised (and correctly displayed) but as soon as you try to do anything back come the cycling windows. Aaaaaargh! Anyone got any idea what is happening and how to stop it, short of putting the laptop in the big recycling bin?

  wizzzzard 10:40 05 Sep 2014

Could you supply a screen shot of this? I have a suspicion its a stuck key on your keyboard maybe?

  Woolwell 10:54 05 Sep 2014

Check for stuck keys especially the Windows key and the arrow keys.

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