Is bitlocker worth using on a home laptop

  john bunyan 20:35 27 Mar 2019

As mentioned in another thread I am about to have W10 installed on a Dell XPS after a new motherboard and SSD. Since I first had it , bitlocker was enabled. I tried recently to print the boot sequence via device manger but that is disallowed when it is enabled. I am beginning to think, for a home PC used by myself and my wife that it is more trouble than it is worth and complicates some issues. I know normally it is used only on W10 Pro and I have Home, but Dell seem to install it by default. I am inclined not to use it but would be grateful for input.

  john bunyan 20:38 27 Mar 2019

PS I don’t keep highly sensitive stuff on this laptop

  john bunyan 20:55 27 Mar 2019


(I believe a Macrium user). I read this

macrium And encryptions

I am even more inclined not to use bitlocker

  wee eddie 22:01 27 Mar 2019

If there is even the slightest risk of your laptop being stolen, while you are out of the house. You need to protect your Passwords

  john bunyan 22:20 27 Mar 2019

*wee eddie *

Thanks. The laptop has a password to open it and my wife a different one. Are you saying, though, that bitlocker should be used? I wonder how many on the forum use it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:48 27 Mar 2019

I think wee eddie is referring to passwords stored in browsers

If you wipe the browser password cache and do allow the browser to remember sites and of course don't have a plain password text file on the PC as you have no sensitive info then I would not be using Bitlocker

  wee eddie 22:50 27 Mar 2019

Bypassing the Opening Password, if you have time, is not complicated. Bitlocker is probably overkill, but a Password Manager should be a shoe in.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:55 27 Mar 2019

Use a password manager such as Lastpass or Keepass you only have one password to remember.

  john bunyan 23:12 27 Mar 2019

Thank you, gentlemen. At the moment I am inclined not to use bitlocker, but to use a password manager as suggested. I don’t use it on my desktop, and Macrium is fine on that , and a few local repair guys are against bitlocker. I wonder if Techadvisor has ever surveyed how many use it? There MAY be a case for encryption on a few files but not the whole drive.

  wee eddie 23:32 27 Mar 2019

As I understand it, Bitlocker, and its siblings, is mostly used by Company Employees whose laptops carry sensitive information which, in the hands of a third party, could cause problems for the Company

  Gordon Freeman 09:26 28 Mar 2019

'Bitlocker, and its siblings, is mostly used by Company Employees whose laptops carry sensitive information'

I would agree with this & personally wouldn't bother with Bitlocker for a home computer as it's overkill, as also stated...just my opinion, but depends on your assessment of any risk of your machine falling into the wrong hands.

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