Bit Defender Total Security 2014 - After Windows 8.1

  Angry Kid 21:37 19 Oct 2013


I am coming to the end of my Norton 360 Anti Virus and was going to install Bit Defender Total Security 2014.

Please can anyone tell me if this is compatible with Windows 8.1?

Thanks as always.

Angry ;-))

  rdave13 21:44 19 Oct 2013

I only use freebies but if you insist on paying then check out their forums. I can't see why their latest should have any problems with 8.1 though.

If uninstalling Norton remember to use their uninstall tool.

  rdave13 23:16 19 Oct 2013

Don't recommend buying any security software. Freebies and your common sense on surfing combined with Trusteer Rapport and the free McAfee site advisor should see you well. Free Avast, spywareblaster and Malwarebytes should be enough. Include Spybot S&D for those not classed as malware/spyware. SAS as a backup and works better in safe mode. Just my humble opinion.

  steviekm 11:23 20 Oct 2013

hi, just a word of caution; i bought total security 2014 when it first came out and had no end of problems, ranging from games not playing unless the antivirus was turned off to media streaming to my blue-ray player not working and several other issues. In the end I (reluctantly)ditched it and wrote off the purchase price to experience. There is no doubt that it is a top antivirus suite but there are too many issues to make it viable for me.I just wish that when magazines do a review it includes all normal uses (like media streaming!!!) instead of just how it works on a normal day to day basis surfing the internet etc. I do quite a bit of software testing and found that the latest version of norton360 prevented some of the tiles connecting to the internet; an issue that norton internet security 2014 didn't have.I would say that if push came to shove I would tend to run this as my current favourite although I really do like the latest version of webroot which is awesome-just ignore some of the older fashioned reviews which are (along with norton) incompatable with this cutting edge type of a/v If you don't want to pay there are loads of free extended trials available; look at click here or click here etc etc

happy hunting and good luck.

PS- you may well find that 8.1 is more of a resource hog than 8; mine is up by about 20-25% !!!!!!! Steve

  steviekm 09:12 25 Oct 2013


having checked the bitdefender website, total security 2014 is NOT as yet compatable with windows 8.1.


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