Bit Defender threat scanner problem

  gcy14621 04:15 10 Dec 2016

Keep getting pop-up regarding file containing error info. created at C:/WINDOWS/TEMP/BitDefenderThreatScanner.dmp usually after running RegCurePro but also (very rarely) when doing other things on laptop (Windows 10)

  Govan1x 09:13 10 Dec 2016

Maybe stop running Reg Cure then.

It used to have a poor reputation not sure how good or bad it is now.

  Govan1x 09:21 10 Dec 2016

If you have Bitdefender free maybe have a look here.

Click here

  gcy14621 09:35 10 Dec 2016

Thanks for the reply but think it had a lot to do with the last windows upgrade. I've heard a lot off people have the problem (including partners computer which doesn't run Regcurepro) but so far no solution and seems to be linked to last upgrade. As for RegCurePro, it is Supposed to be better but not all that impressed, failed to detect let alone remove adware on my laptop when my firewall - for some unknown reason - decided to switch itself off. Windows onboard system easily located and removed it. Will stop running it when I install new security system in near future.

  Burn-it 15:32 10 Dec 2016

That could well be from some malware that attacks AV Scanners to stop them detecting it. A bit like turning off your burglar alarm because burglars keep seting it off.

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