big and short on active title bar

  Keith Farman 16:28 02 Dec 2013

Help please is there a screen on the differant titles on desktop ? the top line of file: edit: view: etc is big how do i change them please

  Secret-Squirrel 12:49 03 Dec 2013

"......the top line of file: edit: view: etc is big how do i change them please"

Go to Control Panel -> Personalization. Click on "Windows Color" at the bottom then click the "Advanced Appearance Settings" link. In the picture at that top, click on the item you want to change (Menu?) then modify its size in the lower section.

As far as I know, the above tips will only work if your Windows 7 theme is set to "Basic".

  Keith Farman 13:57 03 Dec 2013

Thank you Secret i got there but the sizes will not change i put a size in say 22 then press 20 press apply and it reverts back to where it was, cannot ghet it to stay :: i have windows 7 home

  Secret-Squirrel 20:44 03 Dec 2013

"..the sizes will not change..."

Sorry tilly but I don't know what's happening there. I tried it myself earlier and it did work for me.

I'm finding it hard to visualise the problem you originally posted about so it may help if you could post a screenshot for us to look at.

  Woolwell 22:00 03 Dec 2013

Probably the browser menu bar is what is required to be changed. Secret-Squirrel's method should work.

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