Best way to store in the Clouds or otherway?

  Derek Christian 15:52 18 Apr 2018

I have lots of Music on my hard drives and lots of DIY magazines and films and stuff. I only have a desktop computer and I am going to live in another Country. So I cannot take it with me, I will get a Laptop when I get there. So what I need to know is, What is the best way to store these so that I can download them again on my new Laptop, when I am in the New Country. I am in the UK now but intend on moving to the Philippines, and don't want to take any Hard Drives with me. As this might stop me from going through Customs as they might have to check everything on the Hard Drives, Not that I have anything Naughty on there. But it might take time.

Thank you for your help if you can.

  john bunyan 17:32 18 Apr 2018

There are many cloud storage companies. One is Dropbox where you can get 1 Tb of space for a monthly fee. See


  Derek Christian 20:18 18 Apr 2018

Thanks for this. Does it matter if I use one computer to put it in Dropbox and then another to download it. Also different Countries.

  canarieslover 21:33 18 Apr 2018

It all very much depends on internet access wherever you are. Even in the UK the feasibility of cloud storage depends on where you are as there are still many areas that only have fairly slow broadband. Have a look a the Phillipine speeds as they are not that good and the packages are expensive, though their President has ordered more competition by March this year. Don't think you will be able to sit in a McDonald's and download. No problem using a different computer provided you have login details for your storage. Portable hard drive would still be the cheapest option with the quickest access to your data.

  Derek Christian 18:03 19 Apr 2018

Yes I know about Portable Hard Drives, I have a few. But have been inform that if the Customs checks your luggage, they will go through all the Hard Drives folder by folder, and I could be there a long time.

  canarieslover 20:01 19 Apr 2018

You could be sitting even longer to download your files from the cloud.I had a quick look at what was available in the Phillipines click here - and not only are they fairly slow but download limits are not generous for the money. Currently around 73 peso to the pound sterling.

  conrail 21:40 22 Apr 2018

I use Hubic online storage, 25Gb free, easy to use,

  wiganken2 09:01 23 Apr 2018

Do you have a friend or colleague already in the Philippines where you are going? If so ask them if they will accept a parcel addressed to you at their address. You could then post the hard drives to yourself at their address using FedEx. See click here . I believe FedEx to be very secure and reliable from a business friend who uses them all the time. I am not a FedEx user myself but have heard good things about them.

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