Best laptop for running point cloud software

  Bob Harris 11:29 25 Jan 2017

Hi all. I've recently invested in some new equipment for our business (we do BIM surveys for the construction industry) and as part of our service we create 3D models using point cloud data. (stay with me!)

The software we need to run is click here but I want to ensure we're able to use a laptop thats a) powerful enough to crunch data and b) has a decent amount of battery life to take with us out on surveys. It can be a bit of a pain having to sit in the van so we can use our power inverter when the battery dies.

I've looked at Dell machines but in all honesty - could do with some advice on the difference in processors (admittedly haven't kept upto date with processors since the Pentium range).

Any advice would be great and if anyone can educate me on the best processor to look for, this would also limit my search!

Thanks in advance

  Burn-it 13:13 25 Jan 2017

Buy a couple of spare batteries and swap when they get to 10%

Stick with Dell (my opinion) I am not fully up with the processors, but I would think you don't need the full multimedia support of the top model.

  Forum Editor 15:07 25 Jan 2017

Take a look at this.

It's a new machine from Dell, and it looks very good indeed. It is configurable with a variety of options, and will have the number-crunching power that you need.

If you like the look of this machine but you're uncertain about which options to go for, post back, and I'll make suggestions.

Battery life is always a tricky thing to quote -manufacturers figures don't always stack up in the field. Everything depends on what you use your machine for.

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