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  wrg 09:18 19 Jul 2008

I have started haveing problems with KIS7. My system keeps crashing when loading. I have upgraded to 2009 but still the same. Their support desk has not sorted it and no longer replying to my e-mails. Therefore I want to get another product. Can anyone suggest an all in one package, ie virus, spyware, adware protection in one suite. I much prefer that than haveing different software for different protections.



  J B 09:51 19 Jul 2008

I use Windows Live Onecare and have been for over a year now click here

Onecare is not a drain on your system and constantly works in the background. Once you set it up you just forget it. It can be used on 3 PC's with the same license and costs £37.99 per year. I have it installed on both my XP and Vista machines and have had no problems with either setup. J.B.

  anskyber 10:47 19 Jul 2008


It's not very customisable but does the job, quietly and without fuss. Limited resource use too.

  wrg 11:08 19 Jul 2008

It mentions it allows you to backup to external HD. I have one and use anywhere backup (mionet) and it also backs up automatically when I start it (WD backup). Will there be a conflict?

  Icky 11:10 19 Jul 2008

I've been using ESET Smart Security from click here for a month now and I'm very pleased with it.

  J B 12:01 19 Jul 2008

I don't believe there will be a conflict as you can set Onecare to backup daily weekly or monthly so you can pretty much set whatever schedule you want. Bear in mind that Onecare will not backup your entire PC just documents photo's email and the like. Hope this answers your question. J.B.

  peter99co 12:59 19 Jul 2008

Do you know why your system keeps crashing?

  gazzaho 14:25 19 Jul 2008

I use F-Secure Internet Security 2008 myself and have had no real problems with it's unobtrusive and just gets on with it.

  [email protected] 14:27 19 Jul 2008

if you click on support there used to be a link to a diag program similar to eset's sysinspecter
it will give detailed info about software running on the pc and what is causing your problem, clashes etc.

  wrg 16:08 19 Jul 2008


I have no idea why it is crashing. I have had a been to and fro with KS. Issued a begging plea earlier and got a response. I was advised to uninstall java (I had 4 update versions) & quicktime. Reinstall latest versions then install KIS2009. Even after doing that it still does not work. My computer crashed before I get a chance to sign in. With KISV7 it would crash after logging in. I have uploaded GSI reports to KS but obviously nothing sticks out like a sore thumb for them. Really peeing me off

  [email protected] 16:51 19 Jul 2008

run click here in safe mode, i havnt reinstalled java after recent problems with it. heres the link for your system info click here

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