Battery icon saying consider replacing your battery.

  standard8 14:46 02 Aug 2012

My laptop is an Acer 5738Z.I replaced the battery about 3 months ago because the original was not holding a charge.I paid about £60 for it so it is not a "cheapo".The battery symbol on my notification tray has started displaying a red cross over it and when I hover the cursor over it,it gives the message "consider replacing your battery".Is there any way I can check if the battery is faulty.When I charge the battery,it now charges very quickly compared to what it did when it was new and doesn't last as long as it did at the start.I also notice that the bottom of the laptop gets quite warm when charging.Can anyone give me any advice on what to do?

  johndrew 09:59 03 Aug 2012

Batteries do get warm when charging, unfortunately they can also fail early. If the battery is still under warranty I suggest you contact the supplier and explain the symptoms. If not then there are tests you can try such as those shown here. I don't use a laptop and have no experience of the tests provided, but there are others who may have used them - if so hopefully they will give their advice.

  standard8 15:25 03 Aug 2012

Thanks very much for your help.I have ran a battery test as you indicated and this shows the battery as faulty.The graphics test showed the battery as lasting 25 mins. and the text test showed it lasted 1h 11mins.I didn't bother running the idle test since the two tests I done showed the battery is faulty.Many thanks for your help.I emailed the supplier yesterday,but so far,they haven't replied.I'll know not to buy another battery from that company.

  johndrew 10:04 04 Aug 2012

Hopefully the retailer will reply and/or replace the battery. Your rights are similar to any goods purchased under the Sale of Goods Act (perhaps a bit clearer here) and there are companies that offer to assist you in the event of difficulties. I have never had the need to use the services of a claims company but this may be an example.

I know that a manufacturers replacement is more expensive, but sometimes it is cheaper in the long term - especially if you don't know the company concerned.

  standard8 15:16 04 Aug 2012

Thank you once again for your help.I have emailed them again but still no reply.As you say,I am thinking of buying the manufacturers replacement.When I ordered the battery,I thought it was a British company,but it turns out it is based in Hong ,an expensive lesson for me.

  johndrew 16:38 04 Aug 2012

Have a look on They are pretty good on price, delivery and dealing with any complaints/returns. Certainly I wouldn't deal with any Chinese company directly; they don't have a good reputation for customer service. If you search these forums others have asked for recommended suppliers, it may help.

  standard8 16:45 04 Aug 2012

I'm just away to look amazon.I've bought a lot from them this past year and as you say,their customer service is second to none.Thanks for all your help.

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