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Bad call quality despite good connection

  kaif84 12:47 18 Mar 2020

I am a psychologist living in India and ever since the corona outbreak have been working with my clients from home. I am having a lot of instances where the other person can't hear me or I can't hear them, or the video freezes.

I've tried Skype and Zoom and have difficulties in both.

What is it that I can do to improve the call quality?

Since it is both video and audio related, I am sure this has to do with not having a fast enough internet connection.

My internet service provider says my internet is 500 MBPS. When I run the speed test on Google, my download speed comes to be 45 MBPS and upload speed 3.5 MBPS.

The Skype website says I only need 500 KBPS for a good call.

So I am trying to understand, if my speed is many times higher, then why am I not able to get good calls?

My internet service provider has an option of 1 GBPS speed, but I am not sure if I really need that.

Also, I have an HP Pavillion laptop which is about 8 years or so old. It runs on Windows 7. Could the old system and old operating system be a factor? I was told by my ISP during installation that a newer laptop would give higher speeds, but I am unsure if that is true, and if they will actually improve the quality of calls. If a newer laptop will actually improve call quality, I don'd mind buying one. But I wouldn't want to spend $ 400 if its not needed.

Finally, because wi-fi affects my health I have an ethernet cable coming from the modem straight to my laptop. This is supposed to be faster than wi-fi.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how I can improve call quality.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:25 18 Mar 2020

if you are gettin 45Mbps then its is good enough for what you need. the problem may be bandwidth, how many other devices are using the same connection, PCs TVs phones tablets etc? more than 2 or three at the same time could be cauibng the problem.

1]: [click here

  kaif84 10:38 19 Mar 2020

There are no other devices connected to this internet connection.

But my clients have upload and dload speeds of 10MBps only, and jitter and ping around 30ms.

So now my question is, if I get a new laptop, what are the chances of that making a difference to the quality of the call, if my clients are still at 10MBps?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:47 19 Mar 2020

None what soever if your patients have a bad / poor connection then there is nothing you can do at your end that will improve things.

  kaif84 18:21 22 Mar 2020

Thank you.

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