Backups, how do they work.

  zeusrealm 00:28 03 Jan 2017

Kind of a stupid question, but can someone explain how backups work (when their being made, not when your restoring) in relation to deleted or modified files on the main drive, I've never really understood it.

  mole44 05:12 03 Jan 2017

I clone my drive to two drives alternately,i use a free copy from western digital called Acronis you however need a western digital drive attached to your system.A clone is an exact copy of the drive e.g. if it's your main drive it will copy everything on that from data to the whole operating system,in the event of your system going pear shaped you only need to swap a drive and no to reinstall programs and the operating system (I can swap drives in about 3 minutes),so you see a clone is perhaps the best and easiest option with all data intact.I also back my data via clickfree (91,836 music tracks all legal and paid for).So in summery a clone is an exact copy of your drive with everything intact doing like me cloning overnight once a week will ensure a drive or software failier is a pain not OMG all my data and pictures are no more.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:06 04 Jan 2017

Backup - usually a copy of just your data files saved to another disk or partition

System backup - a copy of the system drive (usually c drive) saved to another disk

Clone = exact copy of the drive on another drive drive of the same size. require physical swapping of drives to restore.

Image - compressed copy of a drive or partition saved to another drive. can be restored to same drive or a new hard drive. May require a boot disk / recovery disk to restore a failed operating system. I have at least two images of all my partitions save to other drives as security.

  zeusrealm 20:33 06 Jan 2017

Further info. I effectively think that by making a backup, with every back up you are doubling the storage size from each item being copied again and again, hence my non understanding (because if it is that then you'd fill up the drive fast)

I know of acronis, I use their driver monitor.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:32 06 Jan 2017

That depends on how much you value your data.

If like me data = work then I can't afford to lose it therefore make multiple copies to ensure its safe.

  wee eddie 21:52 06 Jan 2017

What has previously not been explained is "The Incremental Backup" .

It works this way. When you start it makes a copy of all the Folders you wish to Backup. Then, every time you run your Backup Software it adds a copy of only the things that have changed in the intervening period.

  [DELETED] 22:03 06 Jan 2017

I use two backup software but will stick to Macrium for now as it's free. I don't use its full potential as I like to create an image to a newly created destination folder every time I create an image on an external drive. Keeping it simple for myself.

First step with Macrium is to create a recovery disk/usb. You will be shown how automatically on first run I think.


First I create a folder on the external drive and name it Macrium Laptopname date.

Then use the create an image of the partitions to backup and restore Windows. That means the whole partitions are selected. Check all are ticked. Set the destination folder via the browse icon.

Adding and Editing the Backup Plan, I untick all as I always create a new destination folder every time. Then start the imaging process. I end up with an image in the named folder on my external drive. As I do it aprox once a month by the third image I will delete the second one but retain the original. I'm sure that the people who use Macrium to its full potential are grinding their teeth by now, lol, but as a home user with cloud backup and copying what docs and photos I have on an external anyway it suits me to use it that way. The images are compressed so they take less GB's of data.

1]: [click here

  zeusrealm 15:32 10 Jan 2017

Backing up for a 2tb drive: what storage size should i be going for?

Also, can someone show where I can get a usb 3.0 to sata 2 (I guess) I think a 3.5" for pc's, cable adapter. Not amazon. I only got paypal. If it comes to it, i want to be able to have the option if i need it to be able to connect internal storage drive that would be used for backups (Im thinking two, one for creating images or cloning and another for the general backup as I read else where to do) to a usb port on like my laptop so I can access files on it until I get the pc sorted if a failure does happen.

Im planning on getting a usb 3.0 pci for my pc, for backups so it can be done quicker then a 2.0

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