Backup2004 Pro and problems with date format in Wi

  colinreid 16:47 05 Oct 2015

I have been using the above programme for more that 10 years backing up monthly my data files and others like IE Favourites. The programme worked fine in XP, Vista and Win7 but has a problem with Win 10. If I try the incremental backups, I get an error message saying 0!-09-2015 (UK format since day 1) is not a valid date and nothing will backups. I can restore old backup sets. The originators of the software appear to have gone bust? I have tried testing it running on XP and Win7 compatibility grounds without success. Nor did I get success with switching my computer to USA date formats as it just says they are not valid either. Any ideas on a solution?

  chub_tor 10:32 06 Oct 2015

Why not consider something more up to date such as this free incremental backup software from EaseUS

  colinreid 12:18 06 Oct 2015

Because I have 15 years of monthly backups. If I was to change policy it would be to the programme included in Windows 10. Except of course requires an external USB drive whereas I have a partitioned hard drive that Windows 10 File History will not access.

  chub_tor 13:13 06 Oct 2015

If you have 15 years of monthly backups and you can restore them then why not start afresh with something new? Using a new backup system will not destroy your old ones.

I guess that I also question the use of a partitioned hard drive for backup, if it goes down you lose everything. Much safer to have the data on a separate drive from the OS.

Alternatively roll back your OS to Win 7 and forget about Win 10 that way you can continue to use Backup 2004 Pro.

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