backup vs create recovery drive in win10

  [email protected] 23:33 06 Sep 2016

i had just updated my win10 (all new updates also). anr now i want to create a backup dvd or drive so that i can just restore my windows to current position as an when i want. means i didnt want to download n install all these updates again n again whenever i reinstall windows10. plz suggest me which option is better for me. either backup or create recovery drive?

  robin_x 23:56 06 Sep 2016

Recovery drive is useless.

See my reply to another thread here

  robin_x 23:58 06 Sep 2016

Or here even

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:28 07 Sep 2016

Windows back up and recovery are useless. when I install August update and machine was freezing. windows restore was switched off by the update backup didn't work reset with or without keeping data bothe fail to complete.

Google for Macrium Reflect Free and make an image of the drive and the rescue media to boot from.

  [email protected] 01:57 08 Sep 2016

@robin sry sir bt i didnt get it. Is windows is reliable for such bckup n restore activity or it is useless to create any such backup from original windws??

  robin_x 08:34 08 Sep 2016

Creating Restore Points is quick method of saving current settings (including Registry) and some files.

It is very convenient, but sometimes not successful.


Making a System Image Backup is like cloning everything on your hard drive into a single large compressed file (stored on another hard drive)

It takes a longer time for Full backup (currently 120GB+ file and 2 hours for me) but it is almost 100% successful.

After Full backup, smaller backups can be made (Differential or Incremental)

If you lose a few files or folders they can be Mounted and copied from the Image file.

If you have many problems, even HDD fails, restore complete image to (new) HDD


  Burn-it 21:28 10 Sep 2016

My full back up of my Windows drive only takes 20 minutes using Acronis True Image!

  robin_x 21:36 10 Sep 2016

My Differential backups are about that. (USB 2)

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