Backup and Restore problem

  castwar 13:05 12 Jul 2011

I am attempting to get to grips with the Backup and Restore function. I use Windows 7 home edition and an Acer computer. Is there a guide to this? If not, I "think" I may have done it (at any rate it displayed as "though" I'd done it correctly). I saved them to my external hard drive from a desktop folder. The contents should be saved in the external drive.

But after I "completed" to Backup process, I looked in the external drive and the files there were the old ones and not those just uploaded using Backup.

However, it occurred to me that the updated files are stored somewhere away from the external drive.

If this isn't right and I should see the updated files on my hard drive, can someone please let me know what I'm doing wrong.

  chub_tor 16:56 12 Jul 2011

Here is one guide, other are avalable from Google.

  castwar 17:07 12 Jul 2011

I did a little bit on this since. It seems that, as I begun to suspect, when I save files to my external hard drive using this Backup function, they are stored on a separate folder. This folder is activated when there is a need to "restore" files that might otherwise be lost. However (and this is where I was confused) the files and folders displayed on the external hard drive (by clicking on open) are NOT altered. So it only shows the files that were there prior to the Backup being activated. Is this correct?

  castwar 21:43 12 Jul 2011

I have read the guide but it seems that I now need to know WHERE the backups are stored. They don't (on the external drive) seem to be stored where I can view them visibly. I can see that they are "linked" in some way to the external hard drive, since it has recorded the download of target files on that drive. So where are they exactly? This the guide doesn't address.

  Zeppelyn 00:09 13 Jul 2011

The bit Im confused with is where you say "I saved them to my external hard drive from a desktop folder." You must select your external drive when you first run Backup where a folder will be created called WindowsImageBackup. Inside this will be a folder called Backup followed by date in the US format. This is where the backup files are stored in .vhd format. Never move them or you will have difficulty restoring them as Windows is looking in the wrong place. It also stores hidden files in System Volume Information to link to the back up place.

  castwar 00:43 13 Jul 2011

Thank you. Because I'm unfamiliar with the system, what I've done is simply to select at "Change Setting" the destination, which is the external drive. I then, carrying on the same process, select from the desktop a specific folder to save.

Now, these backup folder you describe and that are created. Where do I access it to see what's inside it? I want to double check that all the files in the folder are saved.

I can't see this created folder when I just click on the external drive on my desktop, so I'm baffled where it'll be. Cheers.

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