Backup failure.

  Rocketman55 15:46 25 May 2008


I would appreciate a bit of help with a backup problem. Running a pc with vista ultimate and external usb HDD - 500gb.

Backup files works no problems (runs every 3 days)but I can't do a complete pc image back up. Programme start ok, says it will take 67gb (usb hdd has 410gb of space) and seems to run ok but then at the last moment comes up with "The backup failed. The rive cannot find the sector requested. (0x8007001B). I've checked external hdd for errors and reformatted but still no joY

Help would be much appreciated.


  Rocketman55 11:33 18 Feb 2009

Does anyone know if MS have actually sorted this problem yet? I have read hundreds of pages about the problem and suggestions - non of which have worked.


  MCE2K5 22:47 18 Feb 2009

"I've checked external hdd for errors and reformatted but still no joy":

Have you checked your Internal Drive, I had to Reduce mine by 10 Megabites for it to work.

Now I use Acronis TI 11, Much better, Works every time (Touch wood & whistle).

  Rocketman55 16:19 19 Feb 2009

Hi MCE2K5,

I've tried absolutely loads to try and get it to work, but to no avail. I'm currently running a trial version of Acronis so I will see how I get on with that.



  rawprawn 16:07 20 Feb 2009

Stick with Acronis

  rawprawn 16:10 20 Feb 2009

I don't use it, but as far as I know the Integral Back up in Vista will only back up Data not your complete system

  peter99co 16:34 20 Feb 2009

vista ultimate should do a full backup because it is in the spec.

  rawprawn 16:36 20 Feb 2009

Hi, sorry hadn't noticed "Ultimate" I only have Home Premium.

  peter99co 23:10 21 Feb 2009

Have you examined Help and Support on your machine for an answer? My version of Vista does not include Ultimate assistance

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