Backing-up Hard Drive in Windows 7

  Splodge 13:46 12 Jun 2013

I am more used to earler OS and I seem to have lost my way running a back-up to an external drive. Then I could backup and restore to a new Hard Drive using an external drive. I would then have an accurate replica.

Now,with Windows 7 I do not see the same type of display! Before, with a second internal hard drive I just changed the jumpers!

Frankly it all frightens me! I am 83 years old and had the very first computers as they were produced and updated.

So, I have just made a copy of my hard drive. It can be opened and a variety of files are displayed. But, I wish to install a new C drive, copy the external to it and see everything in all its glory! But will I?

  wee eddie 16:28 12 Jun 2013

Plug The External Drive in and Clear it, I have to admit that I formatted it first time around.

Start Button > Control Panel > System & Security > Back-up your Computer > It will now walk you through the setting up of the back-up > chose your External Drive and tell it to go ahead. When it's done, open the External Drive and there will be 3 files on it which do not appear to be large enough but if you look at the Drive's Properties, you will see that there is a considerable quantity of space taken up.

All you need to do now is to make sure that they are both turned on between about 6pm and 9pm on each Sunday. You will notice the one of the Files Date has changed. You can change the back-up time and date to suit you.

I have never tried a System Restore, from my Back-up, and hope never to have to but will work my way slowly through the instructions.

  Splodge 18:04 12 Jun 2013

Thanks for that!

I actually plugged in my backup external and it ran for several hours (like five). I got so nervous that I was doing damage that I finally closed the link and all seems OK!

I have not yet opened the external drive to see what it has copied!

I think it is a case of "let sleeping dogs lie" because everything, including banking and personal data is on my computer and I could not face recovering all that data! (I am in my 84th year)

I so HATE this Windows 7, I did like the last OS but there is no going back. In any case I would not dare! That is progress I suppose.

  wee eddie 21:19 12 Jun 2013

A couple of questions:

Are you using USB 1 or 2?

How much data have you on the "C" Hard Drive? - Right Click on Computer Icon on your Desktop and it'll tell you in GB's

  mojo53 07:22 25 Jun 2013

As another new user to Win7 upgrading from XP where i always used Norton Ghost 2003 for backup which was perfect, i am not sure i can trust Win7 built in backup / image with all the negative views i have read in various forums but i have found an alternative program on another web site (not used it yet)but it is getting some good reviews from the guys there and looks very similar to Ghost from their screen shots and will definitely give it a go and hope it works as good as Norton Ghost.

  mojo53 07:24 25 Jun 2013

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