Backing up desktop computer

  night 11:39 11 Jan 2014

I have a new computer with Windows 8.1 when using Windows 7 I used to back up each week can this be done in Windows 8.1 as there is no back facility shown in Control Panel ?

  BRYNIT 15:42 11 Jan 2014

This from YouTube may help CLICK HERE

  sharpamat 09:26 12 Jan 2014

The option is still there in 8.1 The advise is to save to an external drive

Open control panel/ then scroll down to file history. You can then choose the files you want to back up and have the options of how often.

Most of what could be done with Win 7 can be done with 8 but not so easily hence my preference for 7 Thankfully news on the internet Threshold is the codename for the next generation of Windows that might be Windows 9.

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