Backing up data from a SSD drive with no partition

  john bunyan 20:35 20 Jul 2018

My desktop is a 250Gig SSD on which are OS and programmes (Outlook etc is also on there). I also have a 1 TB SATA tp where my User data files such as music, Documents, pictures have been correctly moved. I back up the SSD with Macrium reflect and the Data partition with Freefilesycnch, both to an external HD. My laptop has a 500 Gig SSD , and I am reluctant to partition it for a number of reasons. So far there is little data on it and I have run Macrium reflect to image the whole drive to another external one. I did try Freefilesynch to back up my C/Users/myname folder but many bits failed , such as App Data etc. AS a suggestion I am thinking of creating a new folder "My Data" under the c/Users/myname folder then creating sub folders "My Music", My Word Documents", "My Pictures", "My Videos", "My Spreadsheets" etc. Then I could use Freefilesynch to make a mirror copy of the "My Data" folder. Any coments would be helpful. Partitioning is something I am reluctant to do as the drive is bitlocker encrypted and windows seems to discourage it. I am not using onedrive either as I don't like it. OS is Windows 10 Ver 1803 Build 17134.167

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:09 20 Jul 2018

If you have imaged the whole drive of the laptop there is no need to do anything else.

  john bunyan 07:37 21 Jul 2018


Thanks. However I find it difficult to extract my data. When the old laptop had a motherboard failure I could not get access to its image on the new one, so like to have the data seperately stored..

  [DELETED] 08:12 21 Jul 2018

I agree with *Fruit Bat /\0/* as your setup only takes a few minutes to image with Macrium.

As for Bitlocker do you have the Home or Pro version of 10? If you run this command manage-bde -status c: in Windows PowerShell (Admin) it should verify the drive is encrypted.

Have a look at this thread for information.

  john bunyan 13:55 21 Jul 2018


Ok , thanks. The Windows is the home version but I have read in anothe magazine that it could be updated using a CD that I have for Windows 7 Ultimate, so May try that. Found it difficult to extract data from a Macrium image on a different PC

Will look in next day or two as am off to an old and bold RM function!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:46 21 Jul 2018

surprised you have bitlocker on the home version.

I wonder if you cannot extract data from the image as the image is encrypted with bitlocker. can you disable bitlocker before making an image?

  [DELETED] 17:36 21 Jul 2018

No guarantees but if it has been set on the Home version this command in PowerShell (admin) might remove it; manage-bde -off c: .

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