Back-up suggestions

  Currantbun 14:49 03 Dec 2008

Hey Guys

After a disastrous system failure i lost all my files. I managed to get most of them back via mobile, ipod and picasa storage but i know i need to do a proper back-up.

I reackon i'll need about 200GB so an external hard drive is the obvious choice, also i was looking at Acronis true image 2009. I'm not that wise when it comes to this kinda stuff - does anyone have any suggestions or links to an idiot-prrof guide??


  oldbeefer2 15:11 03 Dec 2008

version 9 guide to give you an idea - it is very easy to use. click here

  DippyGirl 15:14 03 Dec 2008

Disc imaging to an external drive is probablt the simplest way to go.
Acronis TI gets great reviews on this and other forums
For some info on External Drives this months PC PRO (issue 170) reviewed a selection click here

  Pine Man 15:28 03 Dec 2008

I tried Norton Ghost and the less said about that the better!

Since then I have used Acronis True Image. It is excellent. In fact it is so good I have turned off System Restore (it wasn't very reliable anyway) and now use Acronis instead. I do a full back up to Acronis about once a week or sooner if something significant changes and it doesn't take long to restore my system if something goes wrong.

  mooly 17:28 03 Dec 2008

I too rate Acronis. It has saved the day on more than one occasion. I run a new incremental backup at the start of every month and add to it before any major updates etc. You can restore to any point in the sequence of incrementals. Just don't defrag the HDD in the middle of the run !! The next incremental would be huge if you did.
There a great tutorial if I can find the web page.

  mooly 17:30 03 Dec 2008

Had it bookmarked,
click here
click the resources link for tutorials.

  Currantbun 18:17 03 Dec 2008

Wow, thanks for all the responses!!

So I'm thinking Acronis is the way to go, however I read a review saying that you could only use it with 1 computer. What if my PC totally packs in, would I be able to restore to a different PC??

Also, even though I posted on the Vista forum I run XP....

  Peter 18:18 03 Dec 2008


I too would recommend Acronis True Image, but I think your external hard drive size might be a bit conservative. Perhaps as much as 1 Terabyte might be a better idea.


  Pine Man 19:16 03 Dec 2008

'even though I posted on the Vista forum I run XP....'

Makes no difference except that XP will run on virtually any old version of Acronis but Vista needs at least v.10 onwards.

Acronis restores a specific computer to the state it was when backed up so if you tried to restore your computer to a different one you would be very lucky indeed if it worked as you would be loading all of the wrong drivers.

  Pine Man 19:18 03 Dec 2008

If you loaded Acronis onto a new (different) computer you would still be able to access your original back up to recover files etc.

  mooly 07:32 04 Dec 2008

Buy the software on disc (Amazon !!) and thats it isn't it ?? You register the product if you want, for updates etc but I dont think it ties you to one machine. It can't do. The disc is a stand alone package, it doesn't need an internet connection to work as far as I can remember.
Paying for a download never seems the same to me as having the original on disc.

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