Back Up laptop to portable external hard drive

  Guady 12:41 22 May 2014

I've recently bought a Seagate portable extension drive so that I can use it to backup my laptop. I did it for the 2nd time yesterday and it took hours - as it did the 1st time. Previously I've backed up to DVD(s) using Windows Back Up program, and it seemed to be much quicker. It seems that, now there is space available on the portable hard disk, each Windows BackUp creates a Digital Image. Having just read the PC Advisor "How To" pages, it seems that maybe what I really need to do is Create Incremental BackUps of files, photos, emails, etc but not do a full disk image each time. It also appears that some of my folders of photos could be Archived rather than BackedUp - just adding any extra ones. So - my questions are: Does it sound as if I've understood correctly? Is there some better free software than the Windows BackUp? For instance, I see that "Ease US Todo Backup" gets good reviews and wonder if it might be a good option for what I want to do. Having already created the full image - will it be possible to leave that on the portable hard drive and then add the other BackUps to it? Sorry this seems to be a long question - but this is all quite new to me and I really want to get it right! I hope someone will be able to help! Many many thanks for your patience!

  mole1944 06:08 23 May 2014

I use Acronis for my desktop (552gb) takes four hours to clone my drive,on the other hand my laptop (90Gb) takes 10-15 minutes. Now the good news Seagate do a version of Acronis called diskwizard and to you me and others it's Free £0.00,job sorted and if anyone had a western digital drive they do a cut down version of Acronis. As an aside i just clone my drives then in an event of a failure i just swap drives back to normal 5 minutes max then re clone back to the drive that went pear shaped, i also alternate to two drives for safety. Sorry a bit long winded but i hope it helps you.

  Guady 09:26 23 May 2014

Thanks very much - Do I gather that you think it's better to always do the "full" backup, as opposed to trying to just add newly changed files?

  wee eddie 09:39 23 May 2014

I have no idea how long it takes for my PC to run it's W7 and it is unimportant so long as it does.

Firstly: The length of time the original Backup takes depends upon the number, and size, of the Files on your machine and is not, in any way, comparable between thee and me. It also depends upon the speed of connection as well.

Secondly: Does it matter how long the subsequent Backups take, if you organise your life? I use the W7 Backup and originally set it up to download while I was doing some gardening. Subsequently, I leave everything plugged in and turned on after running CCleaner on Sunday night with Backup set to run at 1.00am on Monday morning, then I go to bed. Monday morning, I turn the PC off, disconnect the External Drive and put it away.

  Guady 14:02 23 May 2014

Thank you!

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