back up failed.

  standard8 17:18 03 Sep 2009

Itried to do a backup to DVD but the back up failed.The message I got was "the system cannot find the file specified (0x80070002).My laptop runs Vista Home Premium and is an Advent 7201 with NIS 2009 Premier Edition.Any help would be much appreciated.

  mooly 17:42 03 Sep 2009

Just put that error code into Vistas own "help and support" and it comes back as a windows update error.
Has the backup routine worked OK before ?
Just going off your question I'm not a great fan of Vistas backup using DVD's. Too slow and messy and prone to errors. If you only have a few gb of personal stuff to back up a flssh drive or two, or SD cards are IMO much better.
And best safeguard of all, a program like Acronis that backs up the entire system.

  standard8 19:40 03 Sep 2009

Thanks for your reply.Back up routine has worked previously but it was quite a while ago.I don't understand what relationship this error code in windows update has with the same error code for back up but then I'm still learning about computers.I've actually done a back up on a DVD by dragging the files I want onto the DVD drive and this was successful.

  mooly 07:07 04 Sep 2009

Can't really suggest much I'm afraid. A one off ?
Always worth running a disk check occasionally,
click here

and then running the sfc utility,
click here

Just to make sure there are no corrupt files etc.

  standard8 13:58 04 Sep 2009

Thanks for getting back to me.I've done as you suggested and no faults found.

  mooly 18:23 04 Sep 2009

I put that error code and Vista Backups into google,
click here
Toward the end of the page someone reckons to have fixed it, but google "Vista backup failing 0x80070002 error code" shows it to be a common issue.
If you fix it let us all no on here :)

  mooly 18:24 04 Sep 2009

or know even :)

  standard8 19:00 04 Sep 2009

Thanks for all the time you have spent helping me.I've read the post but it involves going into the registry and I am definitely not confident enough to do that.As I said previously,I,ve done a back up by dragging the files onto my dvd drive and as long as I can do that,I'm quite happy.

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