AVG versus McAfee. Been using AVG for years.

  BobClark 11:43 17 Aug 2014

My new setup has Win 8.1 and came with McAfee installed (trial version). I have been using AVG virus protection (basic) for years on my previous computers. Do I really need to take out a yearly subscription to MacAfee or will the free AVG be adequate. I'm only using my computer for home use, not business. Thanks Bob

  Secret-Squirrel 12:29 17 Aug 2014

Bob, when deciding on which antivirus to use it's always a good idea to check the test results from independent AV testing labs. Click here, click on "Home User" and compare the performance and efficacy of your two choices.

You may decide that it's not worth paying for McAfee when its protection rate is a modest 3-4% better than AVG Free.

1]: [click here

  Gordon Freeman 12:54 17 Aug 2014

There are people who would say that there's no need to buy AV at all as the free ones are very good & just as effective anyway. The Avast free one is probably (IMHO) one of the better ones.

Not sure if you're aware, but on Win 8/8.1 Windows Defender is AV as well as Anti-Malware? It differs from the capability found on Defender for Win 7 which didn't provide AV.

As such I don't have any specific AV on my win 8.1 machines.

  john bunyan 13:48 17 Aug 2014

Between myself, wife and 2 older grandchildren we have a desktop and 3 laptops. My own desktop and laptops had (about 3 years ago) Bullguard suite - but a virus took out one. Since then, until a couple of weeks ago I have been running Avira (free) on my own 2 machines, coupled with free malawarebytes and SAS, and Spywareblaster. However a recent update of Avira caused problems particularly with web security live, and I have recently uninstalled it and reinstalled only on the laptop. On the desktop I switched to (free) Avast. The live web scanner knocked out my iCloud link, so I upgraded to Malawarebytes pro - which acts as the web scanner - and am keeping Avast as the a/v there. The 2 Grandchildrens PC's are on AVG free, which is set to scan and update automatically. Seems OK.

  Woolwell 14:17 17 Aug 2014

Gordon Freeman - Have you read any of the reviews for W8 Defender and what MS have to say about it see thundercloud.net? I would stop using it and add a better AV.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:49 17 Aug 2014

MS own Av defender is inadequate you need better.

Avira or Avast are the best of the free ones, McAfee isn't worth paying for as rated below free Avast.

My new 8.1 machine came with AVG (paid for) but a recent update knocked out my internet connection so I'm now back with the free Avast

  Secret-Squirrel 15:51 17 Aug 2014


"McAfee isn't worth paying for as rated below free Avast."

McAfee Internet Security is actually very good nowadays. What makes you say it's rated below free Avast? Is that a personal opinion or one that comes from reading reputable independent testing results?

"Avira or Avast are the best of the free ones"

AVG is marginally better than Avast according to AV-Test and AV-Comparatives.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:31 17 Aug 2014

one that comes from reading reputable independent testing results

  Secret-Squirrel 16:43 17 Aug 2014

Thanks FB. I provided a link to a reputable independent testing lab, and mentioned one other such company, so please provide a link or two to the results you read.

  Woolwell 16:55 17 Aug 2014

Interesting article pcmag and clicking on the lab test results chart shows McAfee below AVG but that contradicts other reviews I've read.

  john bunyan 17:11 17 Aug 2014

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

Am I alone in finding that the live web scanner on Avast stops iCloud and "find my iPhone"? As mentioned above I use Avast but with Malawarebytes pro as web scanner live instead of the Avast one.

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