avg problem installing

  ajs160n 10:55 12 Jan 2012

I can download avg free ok---I save it --double click and I see it unzip from its file and that is where it ends--the wizard or nothing else for that matter appears--any ideas please

  difarn 13:18 12 Jan 2012

You will need to right click on the install file and then click run. If this does not work uninstall it and reinstall. When the download notification comes up right click on it and then click on run if it lets you.

  ajs160n 13:38 12 Jan 2012

Thanks for reply--have done this a number of times and right clicked on run as administrator after which it unzips the file and then it all stops.

  difarn 15:05 12 Jan 2012

Did you use the AVG uninstaller - if not try this link

Do you have any other security software running that may be causing a conflict?

When you reinstall try downloading it from here - be wary that you do not enable any toolbars you do not want - if you get the option to download to desktop accept this - then right click on it and click on run/install.

  ajs160n 16:14 12 Jan 2012

Thank you difarn--have just used that removal tool and hey presto it all seems to be working--many thanks.

  difarn 16:28 12 Jan 2012

Good news - it is a very good piece of free software. Glad to have helped.

  ajs160n 19:44 14 Jan 2012

Hello again---sorry to be a pain but much to my amazement avg free has completely disappeared apparently of its own accord--nowhere to be found on the computer. I have gone back to avast but would love to know where its gone.

  difarn 23:06 14 Jan 2012

This is amazing - I have just found this article saying that in Vista you should disable the User Account Control when trying to download AVG free as this can prevent it from loading correctly - this causes it to disappear - if you feel like doing it there are several different options.

  onthelimit1 10:35 24 Jan 2012

Personally, I stick to Avast or MSE - they don't seem to slow things down as much as AVG.

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